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OEM - Supplier Relations in Automotive

Carrying out cooperation with Partner Institutions in the USA, China and the EU to introduce innovative and new technology products to OEMs and future Technologies to Automotive Industry Suppliers,

Introduction to Global Markets

Establishing collaborations with OEM’s and Suppliers in the USA and China in accordance with the needs of the Exporter Companies, to meet the needs for shipping warehouses/offices and providing services in the fields of Law, Finance and Financial Affairs.

Project Support with EU Institutions

To carry out joint projects in Turkey with EU Institutions (Foundations, Organizations, etc.) as ‘Senior Expert’ and cooperate with EU Project Offices to develop project proposals

Private and Public Sector Relations

Providing support and consultancy with Public Institutions in areas that will be needed in Turkey, US and China.

Market Research

Conducting Market Researches for Export Markets with Partner Institutions in the USA and China,

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